hey, come be our roommate, will ya?

so, we have decided to try and find a roommate.

do you wanna be our roommate?

this is us, we are really nice people.

this could be a good fit for a college student or laid back professional or a dog lover who can’t pay a million dollars in pet fees.

as you know, we love our neighborhood!

and our house is pretty sweet, too.

if you know anyone, who may be interested, please pass this post along.

thank you

Come be our roommate!

Two large rooms for rent, in the attic level/3rd story of our large home in Morningside.

The house: there are two extra-large rooms for rent on the top floor of our 5 bedroom house. You would be renting the whole 3rd floor both rooms for 550 per month, utilities included. Extra if you want satellite TV. The house is huge, 2200 sq ft, so there would be plenty of space for you. Our kitchen was recently remodeled and there is a spacious dining area, living room, breakfast nook and back yard. We would welcome you to use. There is also ample storage space in the basement, a huge porch for sitting, a great backyard for grilling and we have a washer and dryer, we welcome you to use, as well.

look at that fridge, yo!

peeking in through the glass door off of the back of the kitchen with my camera.

We are: a family of 3; husband, wife and 5 year old son. We are super laid back, open minded, tolerant people. Husband and kid are on normal 9-5 M-F schedules and wife is on 3 day a week night turn. We are looking for roommate to help with mortgage while wife is in school. We also have a large, friendly, mostly obedient dog. Our dog is pretty great with other dogs, so pets are welcome, as, long as they can get along.

You are: responsible, polite, drama free and employed/full time student. Please be totally drug free. that’s kind of nonnegotiable. And please be willing to smoke cigarettes outside, if that’s something you do. Social drinker is totally OK, especially if you share your wine. Background check, prior to move in is a complete must.

Our nabe: Morningside is a great neighborhood. It is safe, clean; our neighbors are friendly and helpful. We are right on the bus line. And parking is always available on the street. As far as we are concerned the location, can’t be beat. We are pretty much 15 minutes away from everything awesome in Pittsburgh. check out this link for exact location.

The rent: rent would be 550 per month, for the whole 3rd floor and access to ALL COMMON AREAS. Ideally, you could sign a yearlong lease, but that is negotiable. 275 dollar security deposit, for a total of 825 to move in. this figure could be a little more depending on the pet situation. Like everything, it is negotiable.

If this sounds good, please email husband at: jpoolevanswol@gmail.com or wife at: pittsburghrules79@gmail.com or post a comment and we will reply in kind.


6 thoughts on “hey, come be our roommate, will ya?

  1. Good luck finding a great person! We have been so fortunate to have a number of roommates over the years and each one added a very unique feel to our home and we made some great friends.

  2. If only. It sounds fantastic, especially from my point of view (currently paying $1,000 a month for a basement bedroom and bathroom in a DC suburb with basically no sunlight ever. Seasonal Affective Disorder sure to follow. Good luck finding a new roommie!

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